Bitcoin Battles Support Level $64,515, Can It Hold or Will the Bears Win?

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My name is Godspower Owie, I was born and raised in Edo State, Nigeria. I grew up with three siblings who were always my idols and mentors, helping me grow and understand the way of life.

My parents are literally the basis of my story. They always supported me in good and bad times and never once left me when I felt lost in this world. Honestly, having such amazing parents makes you feel unthreatening and I wouldn’t trade them for anything else in this world.

I encountered the world of cryptocurrencies 3 years ago and I was very interested in learning so much about it. It all started when a friend of mine invested in crypto assets that brought him huge profits on his investments.

When I confronted him about cryptocurrencies, he explained his journey in this field so far. Learning about his consistency and involvement in this space, despite the risks involved, was impressive and these are the main reasons why I became so interested in cryptocurrency.

Trust me, I’ve had experience with the ups and downs of the market, but I’ve never once lost my passion to grow in this field. This is because I believe that development leads to perfection and that is my goal in this field. And today I am an employee of the Bitcoinnist and NewsBTC news sites.

My bosses and colleagues are some of the best people I have ever worked with, both inside and outside of the cryptocurrency space. I intend to give my all by working with my amazing colleagues to grow these companies.

Sometimes I like to imagine myself as an explorer, this is because I like to visit fresh places, I like to learn fresh things (useful ones to be precise), I like to meet fresh people – people who have an impact on my life, no matter how compact it is Is.

One of the things I love and enjoy the most is football. This will remain my favorite outdoor activity, probably because I am so good at it. I am also very good at singing, dancing, acting, fashion and more.

I value my time, work, family and loved ones. I mean, these are probably the most essential things in anyone’s life. I’m not chasing illusions, I’m chasing dreams.

I know that there are still many things that I need to discover in myself to be successful in life. I’m sure I’ll get there because I know I won’t give up and I’ll give it my all until the very end to get to the top.

I dream of one day becoming a boss and having people under me, just like I worked under the supervision of great people. This is one of my biggest professional dreams, which I do not take lightly. Everyone knows that the road ahead is not as simple as it seems, but thanks to God Almighty, my family and friends who share a common passion, nothing will stop me.


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