Bitcoin Vs. Altcoins: Notable finance author discovers the easiest way to become a millionaire

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Robert Kiyosaki, author of the renowned book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, recently revealed that Bitcoin is the easiest way for anyone to become a millionaire. The renowned finance author is known to be a forceful supporter of digital assets and has reiterated their case with this disclosure.

The “Easiest Way” to Become a Millionaire

Kiyosaki mentioned in X (formerly Twitter) post This Bitcoin it’s the easiest way to stay millionaire. He highlighted how you can make millions as an entrepreneur. A renowned finance author noted that you have to be “really smart, dedicated and happy.” become a millionaire starting your own business. As such, Kiyosaki claims that he is saving BTC instead because the flagship cryptocurrency does the challenging work for him and that is why he loves Bitcoin.

In addition to advocating Bitcoin as a way to become a millionaire, Kiyosaki has also done so he continued to advise everyone to buy Bitcoin as a shelter in case the fiat-based monetary system collapses. At times, he alluded to rising U.S. inflation as another reason to buy the flagship cryptocurrency, saying it was a great way to protect your wealth.

Recently he quoted dilemma facing the Chinese stock market and advised everyone to buy as much Bitcoin as possible before the “biggest bubble in history bursts.” Meanwhile, in recent times Post XKiyosaki stated that he was frustrated with encouraging people to buy BTC.

He explained that it’s because they give “so many lame excuses.” He highlighted the most common excuse he receives, with many of them stating that “Bitcoin is too expensive.” However, Kiyosaki mentioned that although Bitcoin’s price is high, it is still not as high as it will be. He noted that everyone would regret not buying BTC at $10, but those “days are long gone.” Either way, he advised everyone to “buy a little” and keep buying what they can afford.

How high will Bitcoin rise?

Kiyosaki recently predicted This Bitcoin would rise to $350,000 by August this year. He claimed that his bold prediction was not a “lie” because any prediction about the future is not a lie, but simply speculation or opinion. He added that he wants BTC to reach $350,000 to become a reality, although for now it remains only a prediction.

Meanwhile, renowned finance author revealed that it will continue to buy more “Bitcoin, Etherand Solana” because it is sure that their prices will continue to rise. Kiyosaki further mentioned that he is not optimistic about these price increases because he is confident about these crypto tokens, but because he is confident about the “incompetence” of US leaders, including President Biden, Treasury Secretary Janet YellenAND Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

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