BitRam Art Auction June 11-13

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Insufficient City X VESA = Bitram Auction now LIVE
Get ready for a balmy auction of the legendary Insufficient City with the OG VESA artist.

June 11-13.

Bid here at A city with a sporadic dot

Watch a video about how the graphic was created and what it’s about. This is the first copy dedicated to Bitcoin that VESA has created exclusively on Insufficient.City for several years – Link to YouTube

Watch video number two on substances youtube

Auction page

How to bid: Enter the amount of Bitcoin you would like to bid, an email address where we can contact you, and the bidder name that will be displayed with your bid. Once your bid has been submitted and confirmed, you will be directed to pay a refundable deposit of approximately 1% of your bid, payable via Lightning or Bitcoin onchain.

Free offers: Bidders who have placed at least one bid on Insufficient City and have a good reputation on Twitter may qualify for free, unlimited bids. Instead of depositing sats with their bid, they settle on their reputation by linking the bidder’s name to their Twitter account.

To participate in free unlimited offers, get in touch from the email address you submitted your bids to and include a link to your Twitter account.

Imagine this bad boy framed against a wall and checking out AR with his people.

BitRam at the Swiss Web3 Fest a few days ago.

Animal knowledge about Bitcoin:

The Bull and the Bear are a commonly depicted symbol in cryptocurrency-inspired art. VESA took up the challenge of creating something modern that would refer to the indestructible and non-confiscatory nature of Bitcoin.

Enter Bitram, a symbol of Bitcoin’s tenacity in turbulent social times.

The original work includes a physical, hand-finished work of art on canvas that can be launched in AR via the Artivive app. Bitram NFT is a carefully selected animation of the work.

VESA was among the first cryptocurrency artists in 2017 and has since been a full-time artist, working with notable collectors in both cryptocurrency and more classic art fields.

BitRam is another take on the animal science of Bitcoin, where the ramming of older gateways continues with unstoppable force. The piece is a physical print on 1/3 canvas covered with acrylic paint that uses the Artivive app to trigger the animated pair.

The previous auction in Insufficient City ended with an amount of PLN 67,000. dollars, constituting the equivalent of GMG’s offer, for a similar 1/3 part:

More about the artist:

Auction page:

VESA and Lotta
Cryptocurrency and NFT artist
You’ll find all the links to physical materials, NFTs, and more below


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