How to create and create your own NFTs on the Ethereum network

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The charm of making your own NFTs AND BRC-20 tokens it is undeniable. For artists, owning and monetizing their digital works via NFTs offers a modern level of control and potential financial reward. Beyond the realm of art, NFTs can support passionate communities, provide exclusive access to events, and even act as fundraising tools.

However, entering the world of token creation is not without its challenges. It requires both technical understanding blockchain technology and shrewd contracts, along with careful consideration of financial risks and potential regulatory implications. Before you take action, it’s significant to assess your goals, resources, and risk tolerance. While the opportunities are expansive and invigorating, acting responsibly and consciously is key to navigating this rapidly changing landscape.

NFTsor non-fungible tokens are digital assets that constitute ownership or proof of authenticity of specific items or content. Unlike fungible cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Or EtherNFTs cannot be exchanged on a one-to-one basis due to their unique nature.

NFTs are typically created and sold on blockchain platforms such as EtherBinance Shrewd Chain and decentralized markets such as Open sea. These platforms utilize shrewd contracts to establish ownership and enable crystal clear and immutable transactions for NFTs.

NFTs can represent a wide range of digital items, including art, music, movies, virtual real estate and collectibles. Each NFT has metadata that describes the item it represents and a unique identifier that distinguishes it from other NFTs

Creating NFTs on the Ethereum network

The basic stage of creation NFTs includes identifying the content you want to associate with the NFT. Consider what specific representation you want for your NFT, whether it be digital art, collectibles, virtual real estate, or any other distinct digital item.

In this article we will utilize illustrations from Open sea to guide you through the steps of creating your own NFT. OpenSea is a leading decentralized marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain and dedicated to NFTs. It creates a space where users can buy, sell and discover a wide range of digital assets, including works of art, virtual real estate, collectibles and more.

Open sea provides a user-friendly interface presenting a wide selection of NFT listings curated from a variety of creators and projects. With OpenSea, users gain the ability to explore the NFT community, participate in auctions, and securely manage their digital assets. With a commitment to supporting the growth and accessibility of the NFT market, OpenSea provides a seamless experience for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

This step-by-step guide describes how to create an NFT collection and mint directly into your wallet.

First, visit the original OpenSea websiteand click the “Sign In” button at the top to connect to your preferred wallet.

To find out what is the best wallet to utilize on the Ethereum network, check out Here.

Then click “Profile Icon” in the upper right corner Open sea interface to deploy the shrewd contract and select “Studio” in the pop-up options.

OpenSea NFTs

To start creating a modern NFT, simply click the “Create” button located in the top right corner.

Open sea

When browsing through the options, you will find the option to Drop a Collection or Create/Place an NFT. Select “Create NFT.” This will allow you to mint the NFT directly in your wallet.


Once you continue, a modern “Create NFT” screen will appear. If you utilize Open sea Tools Studio For the first time, to create an NFT, select “Create New Collection”. Initially, you will be able to add one NFT to this collection, with the possibility of adding more NFTs at a later stage.


Once you select ‘Create a modern collection’, the screen will display steps to implement your shrewd contract. This process will enable you to create NFTs for your newly created collection.

To personalize your agreement, you need to add a logo image, choose a name for the agreement and mark the token symbol. Additionally, you will have to choose Blockchain EVM. Please note that the file deployment shrewd contract incurs gas fees and the estimated fees for each blockchain will be displayed. If fees are higher than anticipated, you may want to revisit the process later as they may change based on network activity.


When you’re ready, click “Continue.” This action will prompt you to sign the transaction in your wallet, which will require you to refuel.


Once the process is complete, you will receive a confirmation message. Proceed to the next step by selecting “Create NFT” as shown below. : :

OpenSea NFTs

Once you have successfully created your shrewd contract, you can now generate an NFT. Please note that once an item is minted, further editing becomes impossible as it is permanently stored on the blockchain. In this case you will create a file ERC-1155 An NFT that allows you to create multiple copies of the same item.

To start this phase, upload the media to your NFTs, which represents the graphic associated with it. Then select the collection where you want to mint your NFT.

Then enter the name of your item and set your desired item delivery. Item inventory determines how many copies you want to mint for the NFT. If you choose 1, the item will be one of a kind.

NFT name

Next, Click on the “Create” button at the bottom right corner as shown in the image above. When you knock out an item, a loading message will appear. To continue the minting process, you must confirm the transaction via your wallet.


Congratulations! You’ve created your first NFT!

OpenSea NFTs


Though NFTs AND BRC-20 tokens they have different functions and run on separate blockchains, both contributing to the growing realm of blockchain-based digital assets. NFTs are widely popular due to their unique nature and ability to represent ownership digital resources.


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