Large Money Fueled Bitcoin: Whales Hoard Bulky

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They say journalists are never really done. But for Christian it’s not just a metaphor, it’s a lifestyle. Throughout the day, he navigates the ever-changing trends in the cryptocurrency market, using words like a seasoned editor and creating articles that decode the jargon for the masses. However, when a PC enters hibernation mode, its actions take a more mechanical (and sometimes philosophical) turn. Christian’s journey with the written word began long before the era of Bitcoin. In the hallowed halls of academia, he honed his craft as a columnist for his college newspaper. This early love of storytelling paved the way for a successful job as an editor at a data engineering company, where his first-month essay winnings funded a month’s supply of treats for dogs and cats – a testament to his devotion to his furry companions (more on that later). Christian then wandered around the world of journalism, working at newspapers in Canada and even South Korea. He eventually settled in at a local news giant in his hometown in the Philippines for a decade, becoming a total news junkie. But then something modern caught his attention: cryptocurrency. It was like a treasure hunt combined with storytelling – straight towards him! So he landed a killer job at NewsBTC and Bitcoinist, where he’s one of the go-to guys for all things cryptocurrency. He breaks down these confusing things into bite-sized pieces so anyone can understand them (congratulations to his management team for teaching him this skill). Do you think Christian is all work and no play? No way! When he is not sitting at the computer, he devotes himself to his passion, which is motorcycles. A true car enthusiast, Christian loves tinkering with his motorcycle and enjoying the open road on his 320cc Yamaha R3. Once a speed demon who reached speeds of 200 km/h (a feat he vowed never to repeat), he now prefers leisurely drives along the coast, enjoying the wind in his thinning hair. Speaking of chill, Christian has a group of furry friends at home waiting for him. Two cats and a dog. He swears that cats are much smarter than dogs (sorry, Grizzly), but he loves them all anyway. Apparently, watching his pets rest helps him analyze and write meticulously formatted articles even better. Here’s the whole story of this guy: he works a lot, but he makes sure he has enough coffee to last him all day long and really delicious (Filipino) food. He says a delicious meal is the secret ingredient to a killer item. And after a long day spent trading cryptocurrencies, he relaxes by drinking rum (mixed with milk) and watching slapstick movies. Looking ahead, Christian sees a future tied to NewsBTC and Bitcoinist. He says he sees himself “growing old” with these companies, sharing his knowledge and passion with a community he values ​​and other editors – and bosses – he deeply respects. So, the next time you enter the world of cryptocurrencies, remember the man behind these words – a crypto crusader, fat monkey and cat philosopher all rolled into one.


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