Market Expert Says XRP Price Hitting $1,000 Is Inevitable, Here’s Why

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Despite not very impressive price actionCryptocurrency analysts still believe in the price of XRP, offering bullish price predictions for a cryptographic token. This time, BarriC cryptocurrency analyst predicted that a four-digit price for XRP would undoubtedly happen.

The price of XRP will reach $1,000 at some point

BarriC explained in X (formerly Twitter) post why he believes XRP will eventually reach $1,000. He mentioned that no one could have predicted that Bitcoin would reach $73,000 when in 2016 its price was still $330. He also referred to other crypto tokens such as EtherLitecoin, SolanaAND Dogecoinwhich had really low prices at one point and then saw their prices rise significantly.

Therefore, he believes that a similar pattern may be taking place with XRP. He noted that at one point, when it was trading at $0.006 in 2017, XRP was much lower than its current level, and no one thought it would reach an all-time high of $3.80. BarriC further stated that those who claim that the price of XRP will never change “clearly do not understand how cryptocurrency works.”

The cryptocurrency analyst added that “explosive price action” for XRP will definitely come at some point and it is essential to have the “fortitude” to sustain until then. He also suggested that there has never been a better time to accumulate XRP than now, stating that accumulating benefits when people either don’t know enough about cryptocurrency or outright hate it.

This isn’t the first time a cryptocurrency analyst has predicted that XRP will reach $1,000 at some point. Previously he mentioned that XRP will reach this price level in the next five to ten years. He explained that this exponential price augment will come about thanks to the amount of money that is expected to flow into the cryptocurrency space.

He also referred to Spot Bitcoin ETF and how they helped drive up the price of Bitcoin. He believes something similar could happen with XRP as institutional demand for the crypto token emerges via the XRP ETF.

XRP can reach a maximum of three digits

XRP YouTuber Moon Lambo has previously suggested that the price of XRP cannot exceed three digits. He noted that there is not enough liquidity in the world for the price of XRP to reach such a high level. He believes that mainstream adoption of XRP and the flow of liquidity will only make XRP happen grow to three figuresand it will still take “many market cycles” to reach that price level.

XRP Likely to Hit Triple Digits is Focusing on Crypto Analyst CryptoBull’s Predictions. Analyst recently predicted that XRP could rise to $154, although he did not say exactly when that would happen. Meanwhile, a cryptocurrency analyst JackTheRippler predicted that XRP will rise to $100 as legal battle between Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple ran out.

The token price remains above USD 0.5 | Source: XRPUSDT is

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