Polkadot price on the verge of a huge breakout, can it reach $25?

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Polkadot (DOT) has come under the spotlight of crypto analysts who have developed bullish narratives for this crypto asset. One of them is cryptocurrency expert Michaël van de Poppewho believes Polkadot could go as high as $25 in this running of the bulls.

Polkadot could reach $25 in the next stage

Michael van de Poppe mentioned in X (formerly Twitter) post that the next Polkadot rally will see the price rise between $20 and $25. He explained that the cryptocurrency token has undergone a significant correction in recent months, but has shown enough strength, returning to pre-rally levels. The analyst further stated that Polkadot has hit bottom, “especially since the JAM Whitepaper came out.”

As such, he believes that Polkadot is more than prepared for this rally that could take it to such heights. The cryptocurrency analyst was a substantial believer in Polkadot’s potential. He previously included Polkadot on the list of crypto tokens he believes are undervalued. He argued that DOT’s valuation is still at an all-time low, which has opened up a “huge opportunity” for investment in the company.

Van de Poppe is heavily invested in Polkadot because of its technology. In the previous Post Xhighlighted how the JAM (Join-Accumualte Machine) paper that launched Polkadot 2.0 will revolutionize the DOT ecosystem. He also stated that Polkadot is the “second largest blockchain in terms of developers and growth.” Therefore, he expects the DOT price to complement the team’s efforts soon.

Meanwhile, Van de Poppe expects Polkadot will reach as much as $20 in the third quarter of this year. For now, he believes that the $8 and $17 ranges are key resistance levels that the crypto token needs to break out of to enjoy such a parabolic rally.

Source: X

A more bullish outlook for the DOT

Crypto analyst Crypto Thanos offered a more bullish forecast Polkadotstating that in this case, the crypto token’s growth above $50 is “easily achievable” running of the bull. He believes this price is achievable as he expects institutions to be interested in large-cap stocks like Polkadot. He also noticed Polkadot collaboration with Tie, which aims to escalate exposure and institutional access.

This is worth noting Polkadot Top Tier (ATH) it currently stands at $55, which makes Thanos’ predictions for the crypto token feasible. Crypto tokens are known to typically outperform their ATH in every aspect running of the bull.

Polkadot 2
Source: X

Cryptocurrency analyst Captain Faibik provided insight into what to expect from Polkadot in the brief term. He predicts that the crypto token will soon experience a 35% “growth.” He said that “a major trendline break/retest has already been confirmed” for DOT on the four-hour time chart.

It’s trading at around $7.11 at the time of writing, up over 2% in the last 24 hours, according to Polkadot data. data from CoinMarketCap.

Polkadot price chart from Tradingview.com
DOT bulls regain control | Source: DOTUSDT on Tradingview.com

Chart from Tradingview.com


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