Shibarium’s trading activity surges amid market growth

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Layer 2 Shiba Inu blockchain platform Shibariumsaw a significant raise in trading activity on the platform, with daily trading performance reaching a fresh monthly high.

Daily transactions at Shibarium are skyrocketing

The number of transactions on the Layer 2 blockchain has skyrocketed since the launch of Shibarium, surpassing many noteworthy benchmarks. Last data with Shibariumscan revealed an raise in daily transactions, which rose to around 3 million.

Height in daily transactions to the coveted level of 3 million, the highest result the network has recorded this month. This comes weeks after the number of daily transactions on the network dropped to around 1.07 million.

As a result, the noticeable growth shows how quickly Shibarium has spread and gained widespread recognition over the past few weeks. This seems to be a significant development. However, it still remains below the highest level recorded in December.

Shibarium has previously seen a vast raise in network activity, with daily transactions peaking at around 7.5 million. After exceeding the barrier of 7 million, it managed to stay above this level a month earlier drop by almost 50% in January.

Data from the Shibarium tracker also shows that the network has reached a milestone in overall transaction volume. According to Shibariumscan, the total number of transactions recorded on the platform since its launch has exceeded 357 million.

It’s worth noting that Shibarium’s performance goes beyond network transactions. Over 3.27 million blocks have been processed on the blockchain, suggesting a significant raise in demand for scalable features.

Moreover, the total number of interacting wallet addresses registered on the network has now exceeded 1.35 million. Additionally, network usage increased by over 51%, indicating an raise in usage.

Due to the rapid raise in activity on the Shibarium network, investor interest in Shiba Inu is expected to raise. Therefore, it supports all other crypto projects and assets in the SHIB ecosystem.

The Shiba Inu team will burn the best Shibarium tokens

Lucie, Shiba Inu’s head of marketing, revealed the team’s plan to burn SHIB and several other top Shibarium tokens. She entered the X platform to participation development in cooperation with the SHIB community.

Lucie noted that the funds obtained from the sale of the fresh Shiboshi NFT collection will be used to burn the tokens. They include Shiba Inu (SHIB)Bone ShibaSwap (BONE), LEASH, TREAT and SHI.

Specifically, any Shiboshi that owners do not report will be sent to Uniswap for sale. And later Shiba Inu team will employ 10% of all realized funds from this sale to burn tokens. 4% of the funds will be allocated to the burning of BONE, LEASH, TREAT and SHI, while 6% will be allocated to the burning of SHIB.

SHIB quotes at USD 0.00000966 on 1D chart | Source: SHIBUSDT incl

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