The Avalanche Will Survive the Storm – Can AVAX Hit $40 Again?

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The cryptocurrency market continues to navigate a sea of ​​uncertainty, and Avalanche (AVAX) is no exception. While AVAX has shown some resilience compared to its altcoin counterparts, a closer look reveals that the market is struggling conflicting signals – a mix of cautious optimism and underlying anxiety.

Bullish whispers or mirage?

The future of AVAX remains uncertain. While there are some positive signs, such as relative outperformance and modest bullish sentiment, these are offset by worrying indicators such as degenerating market control and a significant decline in trading activity.

Avalanche: Drag levels are high

A look at AVAX’s six-month chart reveals a rollercoaster ride of keen peaks and troughs. This volatility highlights AVAX’s vulnerability to broader market trends and its dependence on specific changes in its ecosystem.

Over the past few months, AVAX has shown a series of price spikes followed by equally keen corrections. Currently, the altcoin appears to be consolidating around $38 after its recent decline from April highs.

Avalanche currently retails for $37. Chart: TradingView

If AVAX can maintain support around the key $35 level, there is the possibility of a northward trajectory, especially if a broader bull market materializes in the cryptocurrency market.

However, significant resistance awaits at $48 and $53 – price points that AVAX has repeatedly tested and failed to break in recent months. A sustained break above these levels would represent a significant change in momentum, potentially pushing AVAX towards the $80 or even $100 levels in the third quarter.

A tale of two markets: where do investors stand?

The trading scene around AVAX presents an intriguing dichotomy. Coinglass data reveals a staggering 60% decline. trading volume, which means a significant decline in market activity. This is also confirmed by the relatively balanced ratio of long to compact positions across platforms, suggesting a general indecision among traders about the future of AVAX.

Source: Coin

However, a ray of bullish sentiment is emerging from Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange. In this case, the long to compact ratio is much higher, indicating a potentially more bullish outlook among individual investors on this particular platform.

Meanwhile, with a rating of 40% for Fear and Greed Indexthe current state of the AVAX market is characterized by neutral sentiment, which indicates balanced investor opinions.


Loss of dominance, loss of interest?

AVAX’s struggles go beyond trading. The altcoin appears to be losing its grip on market share and search interest is also degenerating. This translates into a lack of market control and potentially weakening general interest – not exactly a recipe for success for a token focused on significant profits.

Featured image from Summitpost, chart from TradingView


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