This is how Bitcoin Next Rally hangs on miners’ capitulation

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Meet Samuel Edyme, nickname – HIM-buktu. Edyme, a web3 content writer, journalist and aspiring trader, is as versatile as it gets. With a talent for words and an eye for trends, he has written articles for many industry players, including AMBCrypto, Blockchain.News and Blockchain Reporter, among others.

Edyme’s foray into the world of cryptocurrencies is simply cinematic. His journey began not with a triumphant investment, but with fraud. Yes, he was drawn into a Ponzi scheme that used cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Instead of retreating, he turned out to be wiser and more determined, using his experience in over three years of thorough market analysis.

Before he became the voice of reason in the crypto space, Edyme was the quintessential crypto degen. He aped anything that could promise a quick buck, anything that looked like a monkey, learning the ropes the strenuous way. These hands-on experiences with major market events – such as the Terra Luna crash, the wave of crypto bankruptcies, the notorious collapse of FTX, and even the arrest of CZ – honed his sense of market dynamics.

When not producing engaging crypto content, Edyme will find backtesting charts examining both forex and synthetic indices. His commitment to perfecting the art of the trade is as unrelenting as his pursuit of the next massive story. Away from screens, you can find him at the gym, with airpods in his ears, working out and listening to his favorite artist, NF. Or maybe he’s catching some Z’s or scrolling through Elon Musk’s own X platform – (oops, another on-screen activity, my bad…)

Well, being an introvert, Edyme thrives in the digital world, preferring online interaction to offline meetings – (don’t judge, it’s just how he is built). Honestly, his determination is unwavering and embodies the philosophy of continuous improvement, or “kaizen,” striving to be 1% better every day. His mantras of “God knows best” and “Everything is on track” reflect his resilient attitude and the way he lives his life.

In low, Samuel Edyme was born competent, driven by ambition and perhaps a little headstrong. It is neither artistic nor unrealistic, and certainly not chauvinistic. Think of him as Bruce Willis who survived a train wreck – he can’t be stopped. Edyme is like trading your car for a jet – bold. This is a guy who would ask his boss for a pay cut to prove he’s right… (ehhh…). It’s like watching your baby take its first steps. Imagine Bill Gates struggling to pay rent – ​​OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but you get the idea, yes. Unbelievable? Yes. Incomprehensible? Maybe.

Edyme considers himself a pretty reasonable guy, if a little stubborn. Normal for you is not normal for him. He is not one to choose the straightforward path. So why would he do this? He just doesn’t play that way. He has his favorite lyrics from NF’s “Clouds” album that speak deeply to him: “What you think is probably impossible, I’ve already done a hundredfold.”

PS – Edyme is HE. ON-buktu. Mu-mululation. On-Kardashian. Himon and Pumbaa. He even had his DNA tested and guess what? He is 100% Him-alayan. Fuck it, he ate his opponent.


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