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Hello BitFam,

Today we celebrate a relationship that took place recently when VESA traveled to Dubai for a month of meetings, partnership calls, keynotes and conferences.

The juicy catalog of VESA works has been moved to Cypher Capital Center in October and this time we want to celebrate this amazing handshake and share the stories behind the works of art that can be seen on the walls.

As they say, Cypher Capital is focused on investing in Web3 infrastructure and applications that will power the digital economy in the future. Cypher Capital Hub in Marina is becoming one of the most elegant and functional places to work, meet and network.

The Hub has always been a place for art, especially two works by Banksy in the main conference room – now also equipped with VESA.

Let’s dive into the stories behind the pieces you can see on the walls of the Hub!

Next time you visit the Hub, take a VESA-compatible photo of yourself and your favorite work and tag:

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Refresh takes pride of place in the VIP room next to two works by Banksy.

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The first VESA element you see on the wall when you enter a room is Integration. The work represents the dichotomy of worldviews present in our society in the relationships between men and women. On the one hand, women are taking positions of power like never before and working challenging to obtain and hold them. On the other hand, there is a view that advocates the destruction of all hierarchical structures in capitalism and science, because they are perceived as an oppressive force, not a liberating one.

The integration was exhibited at Art Dubai 2022 through Morrow Collective.

Million Dirhams Hotel

The Million Dirham Hotel is located in an elegant conference room. The work is part of the larger Mirror series, which explores values, experiences and identity. Million Dirham Hotel conjures up images of what a hotel would look like for such a high ticket price. It is an invitation to a world that challenges the paradigm of ownership and access.

Hotel Million Dirham, like all works from the Mirrors series, tempts the viewer with its offer of using intellectual property unheard of on the customary art market. Download the Artivive app and try the AR version whenever you stop by.

Truth or dare – Ganesha’s currency

Next to the Million Dirham Hotel is Truth or Dare – the currency of Ganesha, or Ganesh for compact. This work belongs to the pantheon of early VESA cryptographic art, inspired by a thousand-year-old Hindu tradition of faith and worldview.

Lord Ganesh is revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences, and the higher being of intellect and wisdom. In this article, Lord Ganesh and his entourage assimilate cryptocurrency symbols and blockchain code with customary wealth presentations. Gold, platinum and diamonds hold a historic place in our minds as depositories of value, but an example would be intelligent contracts layered on top of Ethereum that are building wealth today and tomorrow.

Ganesh is probably the most convoluted work VESA has ever made. It took over 2,000 layers of photographs of individual paintings and other images before Ganesh began to take shape.

Red eye

Red Eye shows the reality of someone falling down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole. The whirlwind seems endless, and up-to-date information pouring into your consciousness sometimes robs you of your ability to sleep.

This piece is yet another article with stunning advantages, as it was featured in Forbes magazine’s first article on this up-to-date art and money movement in January 2019.

The Red Eye effect was also noticeable at the opening of the immersive Art In Space gallery in Dubai. Launches in AR via the Artivive app to showcase motion and sound.

Objection filed

On the way to the VIP room, you can see Compound Defiance on the wall. This work is steeped in legendary moments and is part of the history of crypto art. The fluid movement that creates the mass symbolizes a decentralized financial system that has no central point of control and is therefore free to define its own rules. This freedom has its advantages and disadvantages, but more options mean a more extensive rather than repressive experience. An irritating pattern that mixes endlessly may seem messy at first, before the stunning pattern shows its overall appearance.

Compound Defiance was the first artwork used in a street legal NFT VESA Art Car in Dubai and has a VR version created by Zoan.


The elegant VIP room features a work of art made in honor of the United Arab Emirates called Refresh. It was created in 2020 and artistically represents a forward-thinking, technologically competent and culturally mesmerizing country.

The round planet in the center of the work is Mars, referring to the Emirates space program. A symbolized royal horse, modeled on a real one, gallops nearby.

The two people featured are the CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center, Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni and his wife, Mariam Al Zarouni. In the graphic, the two are immersed in Bitcoin’s genetic code, witnessing their country’s evolution.

Refresh comes to life with the Artivive app. It has an original soundtrack and has been performed on huge stages in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as widely in the crypto media.

You will find the center here in Dubai.

The VESA team would like to thank Cypher Capital for presenting this work!

Until next time,

VESA and Lotta
Cryptocurrency and NFT artist
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