Can ADA reverse Bitcoin? Cardano’s founder gives a reason

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Founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, boldly predicted at the Sporadic Evo 2023 conference that ADA would become the largest cryptocurrency in the world. In recent interviewhe provided insight into why he thinks this will happen, including: Cardano throwing Bitcoin on the way to achieving such status.

Why Cardano (ADA) Could Reverse Bitcoin

Hoskinson referred to The current development of the Cardano ecosystem that’s why he believes Cardano can reverse Bitcoin. He claimed that there would be no way to defeat Cardano if they realized their vision. He further noted that the ADA has already met expectations Satoshi Nakamoto they started, but they don’t end there.

The Founder of Cardano stated that the ADA is trying to change the political, social and economic systems in the world. Hoskinson believes that ADA will certainly outgrow the market as it continues to build a “growth engine” that can absorb more people without losing existing users, as well as one that can “absorb” all of its competitors’ technology.

He suggested that ADA would become a trillion-dollar ecosystem, involving billions of people and differentiating itself from the competition. Hoskinson also highlighted the role of the Cardano community in achieving this status. He revealed what various teams are currently working on on board various governments to the Cardano network.

He further mentioned that there are several decentralized applications (dApps) being developed nowadays. Cardano network, and each boasts incredible teams working together to create something meaningful. Hoskinson argued that the key was to enable these teams to achieve massive growth. He believes that when this happens, they will be able to come together as a community to achieve the “next step,” which is what will overturn Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ‘stuck at a standstill’

Hoskinson stated that Bitcoin is “stalled,” which is another reason why he believes that Cardano can easily reverse Bitcoin. He noted that Bitcoin’s only value is that it is “big and successful.” He said people don’t apply Bitcoin because of the recent technology or capabilities. Interestingly, he compared Bitcoin to Yahoo, MySpace and Microsoft Windows, stating that they also had the value proposition of being “big and successful.”

Hoskinson suggested it Bitcoin’s value proposition will likely fail sooner rather than later as he alluded to how other brands fade over time. He also argued that Bitcoin’s value proposition as “digital gold” will reach its limit at some point when the flagship cryptocurrency is evenly distributed and everyone has some of it.

On the other hand, he argued that a platform like Cardano that boasts tools like functionality of sharp contracts and could become a voting system in every country in the world, it is undoubtedly more valuable than Bitcoin. He also suggested that Cardano is already well on its way to becoming a platform for all financial, political and social needs, given that it already embraces complete decentralization via Chang tough fork.

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